2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Top 10 Players

As the first round on April 29 is fast approaching, you can see a pool of prospect players heating up for the 2021 NFL Draft. This is the season where pooling draft analysts and experts come up with varied opinions across the board on who is more talented and has a top heavy-class on both sides of the ball.

Drastic changes can be seen among future pro players’ rosters as most players gather and prepare strategies and insights from pro-days, all-star games, and professional workout routines. In hindsight, values will be more likely to fluctuate as more teams settle veteran stocks for free agencies. Here’s an updated list of the top 10 pro players based on recent evaluations and NFL draft odds by FanDuel:

QB – Trevor Lawrence, Clemson University

From the onset of his career, Trevor Lawrence has been anointed by the NFL as a franchise quarterback and a player who would be the first pick of the draft. And, as expected, Lawrence does not disappoint. He possesses all the necessary qualities to carry a team in the NFL: physically fit, mentally strong, and intangible talent.

In every game, Lawrence does an excellent job in leading the offence and making throws. Although he is a big-bodied pocket passer, his incredible foot speed makes up for it as Lawrence picks up big yardage with his legs.

WR – Ja’Marr Chase, LSU

Ja’Marr Chase projects as the top wideout and a terrific prospect for the 2021 NFL Draft with a good upside. He is a dominant receive in the team and has smooth and fluid pass route releases. With his incredible speed, Chase separates himself from his opponents.

OT – Penei Sewell, University of Oregon

In the beginning, Penei Sewell has been projected as a potential early draft pick for an all-important left tackle position. Like any top player, Sewell possesses outstanding abilities that enable him to carry the team: footwork, movement skills, and agility. What he needs to improve to fight for the top are his strength and attitude.

TE – Kyle Pitts, University of Florida

Kyle Pitts is a fantastic pass catcher of his team, an athlete who has a tight end body. He is agile, fluid, and a dominant receiver who swiftly took over matches at the college level. Pitts usually does this when he is up against an opponent’s top cornerback.

QB – Zach Wilson, BYU

Zach Wilson has yet proved his stock behind Lawrence in a breakout season with a fantastic stamp of big arms and accuracy. He also has an impressive knack for reading his opponent’s defences, making him worthy of his rankings. As a top player of his team, Wilson is an intelligent passer that gives him an advantage in every game.

WR – DeVonta Smith, University of Alabama

When compared to Chase, DeVonta Smith also has a big-play versatility among his teammates. Thanks to his commendable speed and route-running ability, Smith can carry his team well into the upcoming first round.

Smith has a positive upside that makes him worthy of his ranking position. He was able to parlay the abilities he possesses into a Heisman Trophy-winning campaign, proving dominance throughout the widely anticipated College Football Playoff.

WR – Jaylen Waddle, University Alabama

It is a tie among Waddle, Smith, and Chase when analyzing whether to give this class three elite wideout prospects or not. Waddle possesses terrific abilities that made him stand out: possession, field-stretching, and route running abilities. He is definitely a powerful force to be reckoned with as the first round is right around the corner.

QB – Trey Lance, NDSU

Despite dominating for a single season only during the FBS, Trey Lance still managed to reach the top position this season. Lance remains a mighty fourth QB in a top-heavy class with his ability to mesh passing and running smoothly as ever. He owes his ranking to his perfect prototypical frame, athleticism, and efficiency.

QB – Justin Fields, Ohio State University

Justin Fields poses a dynamic double threat with Ryan Day’s offences by his side. He possesses solid abilities that make him qualified to participate in a modern pro game. With Fields’ impressive running speed to complement his confident downfield passing, he is expected to do well in the field.

CB – Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

In this top-heavy class, Caleb Farley kicks off a terrific nice-sized cornerback theme. Despite opting out for the 2020 NFL Playoffs, Farley still managed to build a name for himself when he rose to stardom in the 2019 season. He possesses a strongly built frame and hands to win tough matches on routes and break up several passes all by himself.

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Final Thoughts

As everyone anticipates April 29 to come, monitoring the players mentioned above can give bettors an advantage in winning. Knowing what each player can offer to their respective teams is crucial if you want to make a good decision when placing your bets.

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