4 Ways To Cut Down on Caffeine

A lot of people who enjoy that afternoon cup of Joe, unfortunately, end up paying for it. Your caffeinated drinks could be the reason you cannot get to sleep at night.

In addition, caffeine can be found in other foods and drinks. Equipping yourself with knowledge will help you cut down on caffeine and take care of your body.

Here are the 4 ways to cut down on caffeine.

Keep caffeine diary

Keeping a caffeine diary may be the most enlightening tool of them all. First, you need to write down what you are consuming and at what time. Be sure to write down any pain relievers you take as well.

This tool is the framework for your solution to cutting down on caffeine.

Know all the sources of caffeine

You may protest that you only drink a couple of cups of coffee a day, and swear that you do not have a caffeine problem. But, do you know that there are foods and even pain relievers that contain caffeine?

Caffeine can be found in energy drinks, energy shots and energy foods. If the word “energy” is in the title, you better double-check for caffeine.

Did you know that chocolate and cocoa have caffeine in them? Don’t forget to check the caffeine content in tea. Tea can be as strong as coffee in the caffeine department. Do not assume that tea is decaffeinated unless it says so on the label.

Lastly, there are over-the-counter pain relievers that have a good dose of caffeine in them. Check each and every item that you consume.

Cut back on coffee

Now that you have a diary that helps you determine when you do drink coffee, figure out a way to cut back on coffee.

One option is to go decaffeinated after that first cup of coffee in the morning. This is especially easy to do if you drink a latte or other drink that contains more than just the coffee.

Another option is to go half-caf with each of your coffee drinks. This is half caffeinated and half decaffeinated. This is an easy way to reduce.

Always go caffeine free pre workout.

Try coffee alternatives

Lastly, look for coffee alternatives. We already know that cocoa and some teas have caffeine. Now is the time to find teas that do not have caffeine.

Herbal teas are decaffeinated. That means chamomile and rooibos teas are ideal for helping you cut down on coffee. Another is peppermint tea.

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Drinking herbal teas after lunch and into the evening is the perfect solution. You can consume this at work, at home or even at a fine restaurant.

There are some decaffeinated black teas available, but there are still traces of caffeine in them. It is best to go the herbal route to effectively help you cut down on caffeine.

When you go caffeine-free pre-workout, there are some stimulant-free alternative drinks that will help quench your thirst and increase your energy, without giving you negative caffeine side effects.


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