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5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 and macOS

Hey, so are you looking for some great IOS emulators for your devices? I have found some great options. Today I am going to introduce you to the best iOS emulators for Windows 10 and macOS. To begin with, the best iOS emulators for Windows 10 & macOS are as follows:


iPadian iOS emulator is one of the best emulators for Windows 10 and macOS. It has been a choice of professionals for a long. The UI is self-explanatory and works fine. If your system is powerful enough, then it would work fine. Users would really love iPadian to access iOS emulators since it gives the real iPad interface on windows. App icons, backgrounds, and gestures provide an uninterpreted iPad experience. iPadian comes with various apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many other apps previously installed. iPadian allows Siri and many other systems, as well as allowing a person to use all the app on the on-store app in the iPadian. It feels like you are actually working on an iPad.

Air iPhone:

The next best iOS emulator is Air iPhone. It is based on the Adobe AIR framework. Easy to install and use the emulator. You just need to download it and install it along with the Adobe AIR framework. After installation, you can start running your iOS app without any issues. Just like iPadian, Air iPhone is more than just an ordinary iOS emulator. You can use this emulator to send voice messages, make and receive calls, add contacts, download all apps from the Apple store and run them on your device, that is your mobile, PC or Laptop.

If you want to create an emulator you can use the iOS device on your device or computer, then Air iPhone is your best choice. What’s more? Developers can also use to check apps before pushing them into the Appstore. Few iOS features do not work on this. You can not also access all the applications that are available in the App store. So, you cannot tray all the applications available for the iPhone.  

MobiOne Studio:

MobiOne Studio is different compared to the two iOS emulators that we discussed above. MobiOne studio was a windows-based tool for creating cross-platform mobile apps in the android and iOS platforms. You can use this emulator to download and install all one’s favorite iOS apps and games on your windows, PC, or laptop. In terms of developer support, one will love MobiOne studio as to one provides. It has a user-friendly interface and comes with advanced support for iOS apps. You can also use this emulator to develop android apps and games. 


Smartface is one the top-rated iOS emulators for windows and also allows you to develop a limited apps on no cost. Smartface allows you to emulate different iPads and iPhone versions such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad mini, etc. It is basically for developers who want an emulator to develop the apps for iOS.  This tool is great for developers and helps them to perform various functions such as adding images, videos, texts, map view, and scroll view, and many other components in the development process. Apart from iOS, you can also use this program to emulate android apps. This emulator helps in properly testing the device for iOS without having an actual one. This emulator is not free, and starts at $99, with a free version available to test it.

Appetize is a web-based platform that asks a person to upload your apps on the website and everything is settled in. So, it means you do not have to download anything. Interestingly this process can happen from any browser available. Hence no need to be specific in terms of the same. Now wonder why it is known as the best emulator by the iPhone developers and they highly recommend this. And you can access network traffic and quickly diagnose the problem through the remote device. It is helpful for iOS app demonstration and development. It shows an iOS preview, you can run iOS apps and perform different actions. 

iPhone simulator:

iPhone Simulator is another good tool for iOS, to try developers for iOS apps. Although you can not access the app store, you can run by upload the app files. It replicates an iPhone and you can play games and use apps properly. It is easy to use and is convenient for both advanced, and intermediate users. 

These are all the best suggestions for an iOS emulator for Windows 10 and macOS.

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