Ancient statue Animal Crossing

Ancient statue Animal Crossing

Ancient statue Animal Crossing, One of the things that most of you must have noticed about the animal crossing series is that an ancient statute appears in the series. The ancient statute is known as inishieno choukoku. You will also know that the statute makes its appearance on the new leaf.

So, if you want to know about ancient statue animal crossing, then let me tell you that this statute can be purchased at Crazy Redds. Plus, this statute can be collected by a happy home designer by a happy home handbook. You also get dogu which is a small humanoid/animal statute, which was only manufactured during the Jomon period i.e. 14,000- 400 BC in pre-historic japan. 

Beliefs about the Statue Ancient statue Animal Crossing – 

You should know about the ancient statue animal crossing that this statue is believed to destroy other misfortunes and illnesses. Some of the examples of dogu are demonstrated after female goddesses that have a specific figure that is related to fertility and shamanistic rites.

Also, the difference in the details of the dogu depends on the area it was made. Many of the ancient statue animals crossing Dogu range from 10 to 30 cm tall and they were not completely intact and it had missing leg or arms and other body parts, which is believed to be cut off during the fertility rituals. But, in the new horizon, the sculpture can be donated to the museum and it can also be put in the art gallery. 

Redds’ Treasure Trawler & Ancient statue Animal Crossing 

Ancient statue animal crossing, sculptures can be purchased from Redd’s treasure trawler. Players should also know that they can be purchasing a fake statute too. The fake statue is one of the kinds of haunted art pieces and when you check it at night, it will begin to float.

You will also know that Redd has 4 different kinds of art pieces in his boat, plus, it also has 2 pieces of regular furniture with him. Like how it was in the past games, Redd will sell genuine artworks which can be donated to the museum and forgeries which can’t be donated.

Choose Wisely – 

 In Ancient statue animal crossing, red will sell 4 art pieces that are displayed, so you have to choose wisely. It can happen that all 4 art pieces are fake and it is also possible for Redd to sell more than 1 real piece of art. There are a total of 43 art pieces that you can search and donate. Once you purchase the art piece from red, the art will get delivered to you by mail the next day. 

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