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Earn OSRS Gold for the First Time

Carving Your Own Path in OSRS

If you are starting out in OSRS for the first time, then here is what you need to know.

The great thing about Old School Runescape is just how much there is to do in it. If it’s questing, earning OSRS gold, skill levelling, and everything in between, there is something for everyone who is willing to put the time into the MMO. Perhaps the biggest appeal isn’t just about OSRS GP or find those coveted OSRS items, but rather having a foundation to let your imagination run wild.

Sure, it isn’t exactly the blank canvas seen in the likes of certain crafting titles, but there is still plenty for you to be getting on with. This can be done by setting your own goals, which is a trait that Jagex has in mind by not being too invasive when it comes to telling you what to do. Ultimately, how you approach the game is entirely up to you, and though you will be given pointers with the likes of Adventure Paths, you do get the final say on how your adventure plays out.

F2P or Membership?

A key point to make is that by having a free account, you are only getting a fraction of the experience that you would get from a paid membership. With that being said, there are a couple of instances in which you should consider having a free account.

As a F2P player who is starting out, you are getting the opportunity to get a feel for the game itself. You will still have plenty to do in the game with a free account, and it gives you the chance to see if this is a passing fancy or you are in it for the long haul. That long haul can still stretch a long way since there is a lot of free content to check out.

This can be helpful if you are revisiting the game as well after a long time. Maybe you used to play the game way back in the day, and you want to see if collecting OSRS GP and questing is something that you want to commit to. This way, you will also be able to manage OSRS a bit better and you can take the time to learn to play again if needed.

Making Your Own Adventure

As mentioned, players are given the chance to plan out their own journey in OSRS. With that in mind, you could even as a F2P player throw yourself into the OSRS quests that are on offer so that you can explore a deeper narrative that the game has to offer, and see how your character grows with it. Again, this works even if you are approaching it from a nostalgic point of view to see if you are wanting to commit to further content before paying for it.

If you are playing for those nostalgic feels, then there are a lot of memorable areas for you to revisit. Perhaps you spent a lot of time in certain locations back in the day and you want to see how they’ve held up, or even relive past glories there.

Try and Avoid Walkthroughs

If you are familiar with OSRS, and you have ever had to look up a piece of information to help you through the game, then the Old School Runescape is more or less unmatched in terms of the resources that you can gather from it. With more or less every OSRS item, OSRS quest, and more covered, it is literally everything you could ever need to guide you through. There are also platforms like Reddit that can also be very useful when you are out on your travels.

Having said all that, you want to keep your experience as spontaneous as you possibly can. Don’t get too bogged down in going online to find out how you should be playing the game. You should be focused on making the experience your own. And remember, the chase is often better than the catch. Keep an eye on the Grand Exchange for values and prices before you go spending your hard-earned cash on having to buy OSRS gold, head into a dungeon or two, slay demons, and raise your skills up to the desired level. It’s all up to you, and therein lies the beauty of Old School Runescape.

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Whichever path you choose to take, you are getting a unique MMO experience that has stood the test of time. It is also one that is consistently attracting new players, and also sees many flocking back to capture that pure nostalgic feel that only OSRS can provide.

Have you tried carving your Path in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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