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Embracing End-to-End Process While Living in the New Normal

End-to-End: A Process for the New Normal

“End-to-end” is a process that takes a service from beginning to end and delivers goods and products from the supplier straight to the vendor and/or customer.

The main goal is not to get anything from a third party. This will not only save money but saves time from many exchanges of communication and cuts down on the processes too.

In the not-so-distant past, businesses and consumers relied on third-party help. It could either be a person known as the middleman, or an agency that bridges the gap between the seller and the buyer. With the emergence of the “End-to-End Process,” the game has changed.

This is beneficial during this time of the worldwide pandemic. A period where there should be less face-to-face interaction, while virtual processes and online transactions are encouraged for people’s health and safety.

In the Francis Ford Coppola epic film classic The Godfather, academy award-winning actor Marlon Brando played the role of Vito Corleone, a Don and a Godfather who people would run to get advice and settle disputes with other business owners. He protected both sides with his powerful grip on politicians and law enforcers.

This kind of system has been helpful in the past in the absence of technology, gadgets, the internet, and virtual communication. But nowadays, through virtual means, customers do not need to interact with middlemen and agents and can communicate straight with the service providers themselves.

For us to understand more about the End-To-End process, here is a simple description, so we can love this process more in the new normal:

#1: The Beginning of End-To-End

The beginning is the most important part of any process. The first meal is the most important, the first step should always be your best step, and the first win is always a memory to cherish.

Let us look at wearing your favorite shoes as an example. If someone asks “where did you get your shoes?” The typical answer would be the name of the store. And then the conversation stops there. The receiver of the information would then go to the store and buy his own. The product made him a happy customer regardless of the cost.

But do the shoes come from the store? What if the customer finds out that he can save more money if he purchases from the supplier? And on an even sweeter note what if the customer knew that he can buy the shoes for half the price or even less if he goes straight to the manufacturers.

Before in the business of products and services the manufacturers produce the products, the supplier gets the product and then supplies them to the vendors, then vendors sell the product to customers. The first 3 parts of the transaction get their share of the profit. While the last part of the chain, also known as the customer, gets the product but spends more money.

That’s what happened to the end-to-end process. Customers can now access the top of the chain and communicate with the manufacturers, cutting the middle part of the process to save more money, time, and energy.

#2: The Ending of the End-to-end Process

In any race, the journey to the finish line is very crucial. And in the business of end-to-end processes, the most important part is the customers. Winning them, keeping them, making them loyal, and having them talk about your company and your product keeps businesses alive and vibrant.

This is also known as a warranty management system or tool. It is a system that will ensure that your customers stay. It focuses your attention on making your customers happy and in return giving you more business by being your walking and talking advertisement.

Using the example of manufacturing shoes, a good business company knows that the process isn’t complete until the customer pays for the shoes. After all, what’s the point of manufacturing shoes if it doesn’t result in profit and satisfied customers? A good profit, happy customers, and a vibrant business is always a good finish line in the race called Business.

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For both the manufacturers and the customers, the end-to-end process is a breakthrough. Not only will they enjoy the financial savings from the product they purchased, but it also improves the speed and level of service costs.

And together with modern technology as manufacturers create their websites and mobile applications, while customers do online business in the comforts of their own homes, the end-to-end process is something we can embrace during these times of the “New Normal”.

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