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GowatchSeries is a free movies and TV series streaming website, where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows with high-definition quality and download the video too. This website provides the free release of popular movies and TV series broadcasting all around the world.

People are now preferring to watch their favorite movies and TV series on their own through online streaming rather than in the traditional way of watching them on the TV in their living room. With the publication of so many channels, there is a division forming among people’s interests. So, while you want to watch ‘Lucifer,’ your Dad may want to watch ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Online streaming provides a good deal of accessing the shows faster rather than watching them on Television. You would not have to wait for the ad to finish and resume watching your show. Online streaming can provide you with ad-free streaming too. With faster internet speed, you do not have to go through video buffering; thus, you can download the video and watch your favorite show without any kind of interruption.

The most online streaming can be accessed through a tablet, mobile phone, and almost any kind of portable electronic streaming device; hence, you can watch your show while commuting from one place to another, cooking, and doing laundry. Therefore, watching the film and TV shows through free online streaming websites like Gowatchseries instead of watching TV with other people, where you can’t watch things of your interest.

How does GoWatchSeries function?

You can browse the Gowatchseries website through its official website name “www5.gowatchseries.bz”. Here you can find the most sort after Movies, TV series and TV shows from all the famous entertainment industries all across the world. You can stream the movies and episodes for free and also can download the videos directly from the website. You can also browse the videos through many reliable servers provided by the website. The website can be browsed and streamed through any electronic streaming devices such as computer PCs, tabs, mobile phones, and laptops at any time, no matter where you come from.

GoWatchSeries website avails a large collection of movies and TV shows from all around the world, whether they are old or new. This website also accesses a wide range of genres and subgenres you can watch, whatever you feel like watching according to your mood. Just type out the title of the movie or tv show on the search bar, now you can see the search result on the webpage.

On the website, you can find the popular and trending movies and TV shows thumbnails present on the interfaces; choose one of them to directly watch a program without going through the list of movies or shows, which can be time-consuming. You do not even have to sign up to make an account on the website to stream the website.

The login option is there to form an exclusive account for you so that you can save or bookmark any video content for your future need that you want to watch again or will watch later that you skipped for some reason. Generally, the website provides high-quality audio and videos; hence, it would be best if you connect to any fast but secure Wi-Fi server. The video resolutions are usually available in HD quality, i.e., 720p and 1080p, etc.

GoWatchSeries tv series
GoWatchSeries tv series

How can you stream the TV series on Gowatchseries?

Gowatchseries contains movies and TV shows from many popular entertainment industries around the world, such as Asia, China, Europe, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and other international movies and shows, etc. The Internet community has been breaking the barrier between culture and language through and through more than a decade ago. So, it’s natural to see that people are now showing interest in watching more than what they get to watch on their regional channels.

To stream the movies and TV series on Gowatchseries, you would need to visit the official website of the Gowatchseries, i.e., “www5.gowatchseries.bz”. You can now see the original title of the website is “Go Watch Series, Watch Series Online for Free, Full Episodes.” Now, search for the program you want to watch. Now that you found the movie in the search result click on the thumbnail with all the information about the program.

You can choose the episode you want to watch that would take you to an inner-page where you can stream the video. On the play-bar, you can find the download option, which you can click on to direct download the video to watch it later offline. Under the video, you can also find many other server options that you can choose to play the video more securely.

Other redirecting websites for Gowatchseries

  • www3.gowatchseries.bz
  • www4.gowatchseries.bz
  • 98ksex.com

What are the advantages of Gowatchseries?

The most attractive feature of the online free streaming websites is, you can stream them online, no matter whenever and wherever you are, without needing to pay any premium charges. Most free streaming websites convenient the web-contains to be browsed through any electronic streaming devices such as Gowatchseries. You do not even need to copy the URL to download the video content through any external downloader since the website avails free-downloading service from the video-play. Let’s get to know some other advantaging features of the website from below.

  • Interface

Gowatchseries has a very simple interface that makes navigating through the website very easy. The website is dark-themed, where the website is structured with three frames. While the header frame and the body frame share one color to give it a sophisticated look, and the footer has a separate frame.

The header contains the logo of the website with ‘thewatchseries’ with a cinema record camera sticker, the search bar, the menus, and the option for the login or signs up. The body contains the thumbnails of the in-demand, the newest episodes of the TV shows and movies. The footer contains information about the copyright of the website.

  • Content quality

The movies and the TV shows provided by gowatchseries are all in high definition qualities with 720p and 1080p. Hence, you can be assured that the videos are without any flicker or glitch. On the video-play, you can find closed caption on many non-English videos. With a massive collection of English, Hindi, and Asian entertainment shows, Gowatchseries became an ideal free streaming website for many people.

  • Categorization

The website provides many other amenities through its proper categorization and filtering option, which makes finding a specific movie very easy. On theTV shows menu, you can find that all kinds of trending tv shows, and by entering all the information in the filtering bar, you can watch your desired TV show. On the ‘movies’ menu, you can find all the popular movies from dominating film industries all around the world.

If you want to start viewing a new tv show from the start, you can go to the New Release menu to find many tv shows with fewer episode numbers. On the tv schedule menu, you can find when will be the new episodes are scheduled to be released. There is a request option also, where you can request the shows that you want to watch by logging into the website.

GoWatchSeries online movies
GoWatchSeries online movies

How to safely browse the website of Gowatchseries?

In contrast to other websites, Gowatchseries can be very user-friendly and reliable when it comes to streaming full movies and tv shows online; and download the videos. With getting premium service, you can much more premium support than you are getting with free services such as highspeed data service, volume, news reading, etc. although the website is less likely to compromise the privacy of its viewers’ data and browsing information, it is advised to use the VPN, so you can browse the internet more securely.

What genres are there in Gowatchseries?

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. Biography
  5. Comedy
  6. Costume
  7. Crime
  8. Documentary
  9. Drama
  10. Family
  11. Fantasy
  12. History
  13. Horror
  14. Kungfu
  15. Musical
  16. Mystery
  17. Mythological
  18. Magic
  19. Psychological
  20. Romance
  21. Sci-Fi
  22. Sitcom
  23. Sport
  24. Thriller
  25. Tragedy
  26. Supernatural
  27. TV Show
  28. War
  29. Western
  30. Xmas

Alternatives to Gowatchseries

  1. Tubi TV
  2. Sidereel
  3. ShareTV
  4. TVPlayer
  5. Vumoo
  6. Movie Watcher
  7. Putlocker
  8. Wow movies
  9. Khatri Maza
  10. Viewster
  11. House Movies
  12. PrimeWire
  13. Cosmo Tube
  14. YIFY Movies
  15. Xmovies 8
  16. Sony Crackle
  17. HD Popcorns
  18. IceFilms
  19. Movie 4U
  20. Netflix
  21. Hotstar
  22. PopCorn Time
  23. YouTube
  24. Cmovies HD
  25. LOS Movies
  26. Movie Baba
  27. Solar Moviez
  28. StreamingSites.com
  29. TVMuse
  30. LiveStation
  31. Couch Tuner
  32. Share TV
  33. FlixTor
  34. TV Player
GoWatchSeries download
GoWatchSeries download


  1. Does gowatchseries have any app?

No, gowatchseries does not contain any official application. You would have to browse the website through a reliable web-browser.

  1. Can I watch the TV shows on Gowatchseries with subtitles on?

Yes, Gowatchseries provides close-captions on the videos of non-English programs.

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  1. Do I have to open an account in Gowatchseries to stream the videos for free on the website?

No, you can stream the videos without logging into the website. But you can support the website by signing into the website, and it would help you to bookmark the episodes and movies for future purposes.

  1. Do I have to pay for watching TV series on Gowatchseries?

Although there is a premium service available on this website, you can skip it to watch the videos without paying a penny.

Watching entertaining shows is a great way to relieve the stress of a long day. And what can be more beneficial than choosing a movie from a great collection library of a free movie or TV show streaming websites like Gowatchseries?

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