How to become a PMP? – Details on the PMP exam process

PMP Certification
PMP Certification

Becoming a PMP is not a very easy task and requires thorough planning on the behalf of people so that they can clear the exam on the very first attempt. Following are some of the very basic steps associated with the clearing of PMP certification Pune so that people can get through the examination on the first attempt:

  1. The people need to make sure that they can fulfill all the prerequisites and examination details so that they are very much qualified to appear in the exam. People must meet all the education and experience-related requirements for the PMP credentials. People will also be required to submit the document of the qualifications in detail on the PMI application.
  2. People need to download and read the handbook of PMP because it will provide all the answers to the questions associated with eligibility, fees, exam, and the renewal and application process for the people.
  3. The candidates also need to pay the registration fees of one US$50 on PMP official website and with this, they will have proper access to the free electronic versions of the PMI material and guide to the project management body of knowledge.
  4. After this people need to prepare for the examination and it is very much important for the people to choose the course that will help in completing with access to the online quiz, flashcards, practice exam, and several other kinds of things. Many of the partner courses help in providing people with 35 hours of project management education requirement for the PMP application. It is also very important for people to check with individual partners for more information.
  5. The people need to complete the application by visiting the official website and for this; they will be having 90 days once started. The exam preparation concept will include application to help the people to organize and prepare for the exam before they begin with the application process.
  6. After this people need to review the online application in five business days and then one can be selected for audit at this particular point in time. If the people are selected they will be having 90 days to submit all the requirements for audit purpose then the cost for the PMP application is 405US dollars for members and 555US dollars for non-members.
  7. Then people need to look at the nearest testing centre so that they can schedule the examination and people will be having one year to make the PMP exam which is multiple-choice from the date of application approval. One can appear approximately three times during this one year.
  8. After this people need to maintain their PMP and for this, they are required to renew the PMP credential after every three years. Apart from this people need to track and earn 60 PDU and submit the renewal application fees as well.

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Hence, to apply PMP certification online is a great idea and all the above-mentioned points must be followed by the people to become successful in this field.