How to Choose the Right Insulin Pump

How to Choose the Right Insulin Pump
How to Choose the Right Insulin Pump

Diabetes results in abnormal blood glucose fluctuations in the body. If you have diabetes, you may need several insulin injections daily. To avoid the trauma associated with the injections, you can opt to use a diabetes insulin pump to deliver preset insulin and bolus doses and, thus, promote your condition. Numerous types of insulin pumps are available in the market. Use the following factors as a guide to determine your right insulin pump:

1. The Cost/Price of the Insulin Pump

The first consideration when choosing the right insulin pump would be its price. That is because you need to go for a product that you can meet its price. Check on the available pump types with their cost and choose what you can afford. The pumps also need accessories like infusion sets and batteries that can be costly. Remember also to consider the pricing of insulin that you’re going to use.

Don’t forget to check on your insurance company to confirm whether it will cover your insulin pump cost. Your insurance company may meet part of the cost of your pump, and you’ll need to cover the remaining cost. Insurance coverage can also apply only to specific companies’ pumps.

2. Features

Insulin pumps have different features, even though some similarities exist. Check on the following features to help in determining your right insulin pump.

  • Pump’s capacity. Go for a pump that can hold adequate insulin in the reservoir to avoid inconveniences before changing your infusion set. Other pumps have a capacity of 180 units, while others hold up to 300 units of insulin.
  • Screen Visibility. Look for a pump that enables you to properly read what is indicated on the screen to customize the settings to your personal preferences.
  • Availability of customizable alarms. These alarms are crucial when presenting warnings such as predicted high or low glucose levels.
  • Tracking system. Some insulin pumps allow you to input factors such as your blood glucose levels, carbohydrates consumed, insulin intake, and exercise. The modern pumps have a bolus calculator that is handy in determining your insulin dosage.

3. Ease of Use

It is important to understand the features of different infusion pumps and check on their ease of use. Go for a pump that you can easily operate, depending on your know-how level and whether you can learn how to operate it.

4. System Support and Warranty

It is essential to find out more about the system support of your gadget. The support allows you to contact the manufacturers and present any queries or concerns about your diabetes insulin pump.

Additionally, check on the warranty terms of the pump’s manufacturer. In the case of system failures, you should know the outcomes based on warranty declarations. Most companies offer free repairs within a given time, after which you will have to incur the costs.

5. Child-Friendliness

Check for the system’s features that promote child-friendliness when there’s no adult around to keep watch. Determine whether you can easily use the insulin pump with your child. Also, consider the safety of your child.

6. Specific Safety Features

All insulin pumps contain some safety features, but you may need some customizable safety features that enhance your pump’s usage. You may need to look out for specific features such as the ability to set alarms to remind you of missed meals/snack boluses. With this, you’ll have a better experience with your infusion pump.

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7. Use with Your Preferred Infusion Set

Infusion sets functions differently on different people. Some can work better for you than others, and pumps can work well with certain infusion set types. Ensure that you select the right pump that will work well for you with your preferred infusion set.

8. Reporting Abilities

Consider whether your system can keep track of information that may be handy when communicating with your healthcare team. You may want to retrieve information such as your glucose levels over the hours to share with your doctor for help in further medical guidance. Hence, choose the right pump with such capabilities.

Bottom Line

The right insulin pump is crucial to managing your glucose levels and improving your overall health. However, it is important to be careful when purchasing the equipment to ensure that you get the most suitable insulin pump you can afford.

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