how to delete all emails on gmail

How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail?

Watch video above.
Filter Emails. To get started, log into your Gmail inbox as you’d always do. …
Select all messages. Next, check a little box under the the search bar to select all displayed messages. …
Select all Conversations. …
Delete all Messages. …
Empty Trash.

How do I mass delete emails on Gmail app?

How to Delete Multiple Gmail Emails at Once
In the Gmail app for Android, open the folder that contains the emails you want to remove.
Tap the icon to the left of each email that you want to delete Or, long-press the email to select it.
Tap the Delete icon in the upper-right area of the screen.

How do I delete 3000 emails in Gmail?

Login to the Gmail account to delete all 3000 messages from Gmail:
Click More from the left side of the gmail page.
After this, Click All Mail from the list.
Click Checkbox next to the compose button on the left side of the gmail page.
Click delete all conversation link on the top right side of the gmail page.

How do I delete 3000 emails?

deleting ALL 3000 EMAILS .

Click the select-all check-box (to the left of the Refresh button) to select everything on the current page.
Click the link that appears to “select all XXX conversations in

How do I delete emails in bulk?

You can quickly delete multiple emails from a folder and still keep your unread or important emails for later. To select and delete consecutive emails, in the message list, click the first email, press and hold the Shift key, click the last email, and then press the Delete key.

How do I clean up my email quickly?

Here are some ideas to get your email inboxes under control again:
Stop signing up to get MORE emails. …
Stop getting emails from current sources. …
Do a mass delete of messages you’ll never read. …
Use your email provider’s sorting or filtering features. …
Go online for additional help.

How do you mass delete emails on Gmail on iPhone?

Delete one or multiple emails
Make sure you’ve downloaded the Gmail app.
On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app .
Select emails by tapping the circular sender’s image or letter next to each email.
Tap Delete .

How do I delete thousands of emails on my iPhone?

Delete emails on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Open Mail and go to your Inbox.
Tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then individually select the emails that you want to delete, or tap Select All.
Tap Trash or Archive. If you only see Archive, touch and hold Archive to see other options like Trash Selected Messages.

How do I delete over 1000 emails on iPhone?

Here’s the recipe:
go into your “Mail” app.
go to the “Inbox”
click on the “Edit” button.
select the first email so it now has a check mark beside it.
with one finger press on the “Move” button. …
WAIT (if you have a lot of emails, your iOS device will appear to be frozen for a few minutes)
then click on the “Trash”
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How do I clean up my Gmail?

Here’s how to do it:
Step 1: Identify email you can delete. You might think all your emails are precious, but they’re not. …
Step 2: Seek. On your computer, head to, and click on one of the repeat emails you’ve identified. …
Step 3: Seek older emails. …
Step 4: Destroy. …
Step 5: Unsubscribe. …
Step 6: Set up filters.

Can you delete all promotions in Gmail at once?

Yes, you can delete promotional emails on a phone, but that involves manual work. You will require a desktop to create a filter as they cannot be created in the Gmail app. … Third-party apps like PaperKarma for Android or JunkMail Stop for iOS are also a good solution for how to delete all promotions in Gmail on a phone.

Can you delete more than 50 emails at a time in Gmail?

Select All Emails In Your Gmail

Look for the option to “Select all xxxx conversation in Primary”, this allows you to select more than 50 emails in your inbox for deletion.

How do I delete old emails in Gmail in bulk?

You can also search by how old emails are. If you type older_than:1y, you’ll receive emails older than 1 year. You can use m for months or d for days, as well. If you want to delete them all, click the Check all box, then click “Select all conversations that match this search,” followed by the Delete button.03-May-2019

How do I delete all the promotions in Gmail on my Iphone?

Once in Gmail click on the Promotions Tab. Just below Search Mail and to the left of the refresh icon, a small blank square should be displayed. Click on the dropdown beside the small blank square and Select All. The trash / delete and other icons should then be displayed.30-Apr-2019

How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail on Android?

Open your Gmail app. Press for a second message, you can select many messages at once. Select the three dots and delete all.

How do I delete all unread emails in Gmail on Android?

Open the label (or, your Inbox, or Sent Mail, etc) containing the messages you’d like to select.
Click the Select: All link above your messages.
Click the link that says Select all [number] conversations in [current view].
Select the action you’d like to do.

Can I delete all my unread emails at once?

To delete all Unread email, type: is:unread or lable:unread into the Search box. This will find any emails that are marked as unread anywhere. Again, you can select and delete all of your emails using the previous instructions.11-Jan-2019

How do I select all unread in Gmail app?

Can I select all unread emails in the Gmail App for Android or iPhone?

To select and act on all unread emails in Gmail, no matter in what label or folder they may hide:
Open Gmail’s desktop version in a browser. …
Click in the Search mail field at the top. …
Press Enter .
Now click the Select button in the toolbar.
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