how to delete roblox account

Roblox does not provide an automated way to delete your Roblox account. Instead, you’ll have to contact Roblox customer support by using the company’s online support form in a web browser and ask them to delete your account.

How do I delete my account?

Open up the mobile app on your iPhone or Android Device. Log in and go to App Settings to find the Delete Account button at the bottom.

Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

You must remain inactive on your Roblox account for over a year. … Roblox conducts a sweep system after one year and will automatically remove the inactive accounts for so long.

Does Roblox give you Robux on your birthday 2020?

No, Roblox does not give you robux on your birthday. The only way to receive robux is by: Buying robux (Either on its own or as part of Roblox Premium)

How long can you go AFK in Roblox?

You can go AFK for 20 minutes MAXIMUM. If you go over, the game disconnects you with something along the lines of “You were disconnected for being idle for 20 minutes”.

Can you get banned for giving Robux?

Yes, you can; if you scammed the Robux, give away too many, or have done suspicious activity in the past on your account, you may get banned.

What does AFK mean in Roblox?

AFK – Away from keyboard, similar to BRB. Used to show the player being away from the keyboard to do other short real-life actions.

What does XD mean in Roblox?

XD is used as a laughing face. Just look it sidewards, you will notice that it represents a human face which is laughing out with wide open mouth. People use this “XD” on Roblox game chats for expression of laughter.

What does ABC mean in Roblox?

It’s just a phrase to let other players know they’re up for a job or task. For example, if player 1 said “abc for a dog”, player 2 would respond “abc” if he wanted to be player 1’s dog.

What does ABC mean in Adopt Me?

In Adopt Me, two people will take turns suggesting items to trade with each other. If the player on their turn says “ABC” (meaning they want that item), then someone else can say back “ABC” in order to make a swap and hand over what they were trading for right away.18-Jun-2021

What does LMAO mean in Roblox?

LMAO is an acronym that stands for Laughing My Ass Off.02-Jul-2021

What to do if you got scammed in Adopt Me?

How do I report a Scam? Once you complete your Trade License Test you can check your trading history from the last 30 days by using your newly acquired Trade License from your Toy Menu. With this Trading License, you can report your listed trades to the Adopt Me team. Please only report legitimate scams!30-Jun-2021

What is the most legendary pet in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me legendary pets
Adopt Me! Legendary pets
Golden Rat Lunar New Year event, only obtainable through trading for the pet or a Rat Box
Griffin Purchase in the Pet Shop (600 Robux). Gamepass pet
Guardian Lion Purchase in the Pet Shop (500 Robux)
Kangaroo Aussie Egg
38 more rows•14-Jun-2021

What is an evil unicorn worth in Adopt Me?

The Evil Unicorn was one of the four pets that players were able to obtain during the 2019 Halloween Event. It is a legendary pet and was sold for 108,000 in the Candy Trading Shop.

What was the first egg in Adopt Me?

What was the very first egg in Adopt Me? The first egg of the game is the Blue Egg, and it was introduced to the game last summer. Although it is the first egg of the game, it can only be obtained through trading. During its time in the game, it was sold to 100 Bucks and included the uncommon class Blue Dog.01-Sep-2020

What is a dodo worth in Adopt Me?

First of all, it is the Fossil Egg’s price that determines the value of Dodo. You can get Fossil Egg for 750 Bucks. After obtaining this egg, you can hatch Dodo with a 2.5% chance.12-Nov-2020

What is the rarest egg in Adopt Me?

Currently, the rarest permanent eggs in Adopt Me are the Ocean Egg and the Royal Egg. Both of these eggs can be purchased in the Nursery for 750 Robux and 1,450 Robux, respectively.19-May-2021

What color is a neon dodo in Adopt Me?

The Neon Dodo glows bright blue on its beak, the two little feathers on the top of its head, the tips of its wings, and its feet.

What is a pink cat worth in Adopt Me?

All in all, even though it might not seem like it, the Pink Cat was pricy at that time. Since then, its value has grown even more, which baffles many. Today, the Pink Cat is worth one low to mid-tier legendary in Adopt Me!18-Jan-2021

Is a pink cat worth a shadow dragon?

Is a pink cat worth around a shadow dragon or bat dragon or evil uni? No, it’s not even CLOSE! Yes, it’s worth a LOT!

What can you get out of a pink eggs in Adopt Me?

The only pet that can be hatched from the Pink Egg is the Pink Cat. No other pets can be hatched from the Pink Egg.

Is a frost dragon worth a pink cat?

It worth Ride Frost. It don’t worth Any Frost, Cuz it’s more rarer.09-Mar-2020

How rare is a pink cat in Adopt Me 2020?

Being the only pet available in the Pink Egg, there is a 100% of hatching an uncommon pet. The Pink Cat is no longer available and can only be obtained through trading or by hatching any remaining Pink Eggs.

What is a frost fury worth Adopt Me?

Whereas a shadow dragon would score 1000, which means it would take 1000 dogs (or cats) to trade up to a Shadow Dragon. So what is the frost fury worth in Adopt Me on the dog/cat scale? We think a frost fury is worth 50 dog/cats, which is the same as an albino monkey.

How much is a frost dragon in Adopt Me?

A Frost Dragon is a legendary pet in Roblox Adopt me that made its debut back on December 19 2020, during the Christmas Update, purchasable for 1,000 Robux. The Frost Dragon draws similarities to Shadow Dragon, and can perform the following tricks, including Sit, Lay Down, Joy, Jump, Dive, and Frost Breath.28-Oct-2020

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