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How to get clay in Stardew Valley Game

Stardew Valley is a video game of the farming simulation genre. It is inspired by the game Harvest Moon series.

Throughout the game, a lot of crafting has to be done by the player, from designing their owns farms to collect resources. Among the many necessary resources is Clay. ways to gather clay as it cannot be produced are explained below.

Clay in Stardew Valley

Clay is very essential in certain recipes they are used in. Clay is very rare as firstly, it can’t be brought and secondly, people of the Stardew Valley either dislike or hate it, so they don’t have it. Clay is a natural resource i.e.; it can only be found in the wild. In Stardew Valley, clay is required for various purposes and recipes. Those products are mentioned below: 

  • Quality Retaining Soil 

Requires: Clay (1), Stone (3)             

  • Garden Pot

Requires: Clay (1), Stone (10), Refined Quartz (1)                  

  • Brick Floor

Requires: Clay (2), Stone (5)                 

  • Fibre Seeds

Requires: Clay (1), Mixed Seeds (1), Sap (5)       

  • Deluxe Retaining Soil

Requires: Clay (1), Stone (5), Fiber (3)

  • Bone Mill

Requires: Clay (3), Bone Fragment (10), Stone (20)

  • In building Silo

Requires: Gold (100g), Stone (100), Clay (10), Copper Bar (5)

  • The spool of the Sewing Machine too requires Clay in order to create a Shirt.  It is also used as an orange dye.
  • While in the Fish Pond quests, several fish may also demand clay.

Methods To Gather Clay in Stardew Valley

Four ways to obtain Clay are:

  • Cracking Geodes.
  • Finding Artifact spots.
  • Getting clay in gifts.
  • Tilling up dirt/sand.

Tilling up dirt/sand.

Get Clay by digging the dirt and sand patches.  Use a hoe to help with digging. You can choose any dirt floor but prefer tilling the Dirt Areas in the Mines. The colour and texture of these places is different than that of the normal floor.

Try placing bombs here, to blow up some rocks and ore veins easily and to remove the dirt and uncover any clay. Do not go below the top levels of the Mines so that you can focus on tilling without any enemy attack. There are chances to find relics too to donate to the museum. Also, don’t restrict yourself to your farm only. Try digging the other places of Stardew Valley too. The initial 30 levels of the mines are preferred mining for clay.

Cracking Open Geodes

Another passive method to get clay is to crack open geodes by taking the geodes to the Clint, the blacksmith. His shop is across the bridge in the east side and has 9am – 4pm as its opening hours. The cost of opening it is 25 gold pieces at Clint’s. A personal geode crusher can also help with it. For that, completing the Cave Patrol special order is essential. You can find geodes while mining in the top 39 levels of the Mines. Prefer the Normal Geodes instead of other Geodes hidden at the lower levels of the Mines.  Though Each kind of geodes has just one clay, that too occasionally. This isn’t the preferred way to get clay.

Artifact Spots

Instead of aimlessly tilling the ground, dig places with worms poking out. these are Artifact spots. Such worm patches are more common in winter as in the winter season worms wriggle out the dirt because of the cold. So, surely check around the places in winter. Try digging the beach as worms are most commonly found here. It is a 100% possibility that Such patches will yield an item though that item can be an actual artifact too or some other resource like gold ore and stone depending on the precise location or seeds or lost books to expand the library. These spots can have a maximum of three clay pieces.


A little less plentiful way to get Clay is in a gift. There is a high chance for you to receive clay as a gift if Jas or Vincent are paired up with you During the Feast of The Winter Star. 


The quickest way to find clay is digging. You just need a hoe and few bombs and Head to the mines for digging. The other three ways are a little passive way to gather clay as finding clay via those methods is a little uncertain. Most of these things are obvious to experienced players. If you are newer to this game, keep playing and gradually you will get your own reliable ways to gather resources.

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