How to get sponges in Minecraft

How to get sponges in Minecraft

The sponge in Minecraft is used to absorb water from the places from which the water has to be removed. It is a block. In the process of drying the places that are wet the sponge gets wet. The types of sponges that are wet and dry can be both mined by the player’s hand or else with the help of a tool.

A wet sponge can be reused by drying it in a furnace, it will dry up quickly if dried in a furnace. If the wet sponge is placed in the Nether it will dry up in a puff of steam, the same would occur if placed in a dry place.  The sponge is a very helpful tool, as it helps to get rid of water and turn it into the air in no time, it also saves the time of player if he wants to fix a base that is drowned in water due to another player. Or makes the task of draining the water out of a pond simpler as it can be used rapidly and can be reused. 

How to get sponges in Minecraft? Now answering the real question, to get the sponges in Minecraft, the player can get sponges in Ocean Monument, so he or she should go to Ocean Monument, as it is the only place to obtain sponges without the player having to use console commands or the creative mode. The best way to get sponges would be to defeat an Elder Guardian, as when the Elder guardian is defeated, he drops at least one wet sponge.

Defeating an Elder Guardian would provide the player with a good reward, though it is not an easy task. Another way through which the player could get sponges would be if the player’s luck is at hand, he or she might encounter a “sponge room”. It might be generated as perchance of the Ocean Monument. These “sponge rooms” are rare to find, as it all depends on the luck of the player. A sponge room contains up to 30 sponges, these can be harvested and collected by the player easily, as they can be mined by hand or any tool. A hoe is said to be a tool that is the fastest to use. 

The Usage of Sponges

It is used to absorb a large amount of water and can be absorbed from 7 directions from the placement of the sponge.  The amount of water that a sponge can take in is about 65 blocks water, once this limit of absorption has reached the sponge will automatically look like a wet sponge. It starts from absorbing the water that is closest to it, but it cannot absorb water that is placed in an adjacent direction to it. It provides permanent removal of water from the biome or region. If the sponge is dried in a furnace, then it will grant the player an achievement that is the “Dry Spell”. 

How to craft a sponge in survival mode? 

  1. The player has to open the furnace menu. 
  2. Now the player has to add fuel to the fuel box in the furnace menu.  Coal can be a form of fuel. 
  3. Next is to add the items that are to place the wet sponge in the top box of the furnace, the coal in the bottom box would flame or cook the wet sponge and then dry it out. 
  4. After the wet sponge is dried by cooking, the dried sponge would show up in the box to the right of the furnace. 
  5. Now the sponge has to be taken by the player and move to his or her inventory for future use. 

While heating the sponge to get the dry sponge if there is a bucket placed in the fuel slot then the after that is evaporated from the sponge can be collected in it. In this way, the player can collect one bucket of water for each sponge he or she uses. And it can be saved for later purposes.

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