How to keep inventory in Minecraft

How to keep inventory in Minecraft

One of the most annoying things faced by a Minecraft player would be losing all the articles collected by them every time they die. This happens when the player is playing on a default game mode. Some players might take it as a challenge to collect the articles every time even though they lose them when they die, but it might be simply annoying. 

When a player dies in a game by falling into the lava pit or because having gone too far from home then they would have to respawn and this would mean that all the articles collected would be dropped as well. So, in order to not lose the items collected during the play the player would either have to safely store the inventory or use a cheat code. So now in order to store these items safely, the player would have to build a wooden chest, this wooden chest could be used to place all the items safely, and could be filled abundantly. This would save the items from dropping. Once the items are safe in the wooden chest the player could go ahead and take more risks and challenges in the game, and would not mind dying either. 

Is keeping one’s inventory safely cheating? This is a debated question among the players of the game. Some are of the opinion that keeping the inventory safe while playing the game gives the player a better option every time they die, but some other opine that having the inventory stored is an unfair mode of play. Using cheat codes is also considered unfair by some. 

When a player dies the inventory is not lost permanently unless it falls in the lava pit or fire. If the items fall into the fire, the player will not be able to retrieve them again.  But if it’s in other situations then the timer starts to tick and if the player is able to collect all the items in the duration, then he would not have to restart the game. 

How to keep one’s inventory in Minecraft? If the player wants to keep all of his tools in the armor, then the player could do it by customizing the game and doing some useful edits in the core actions of the game. Players use various cheat codes for Minecraft and if the best cheat codes are used then the variables of the game can be changed. If the player is not someone who likes to play by the rule, then he has to see to it that his Minecraft world supports cheat codes. The player can know that by first opening the game menu and clicking on the option named “Open to LAN”, then there would be two more options put before the player, he would have to click on “Allow Cheats” then toggle on the button “ON”, after this, the player will have to tap on “Start the LAN world”. 

And now to change the rules of the game the player will have to use the chatbox as it has all the command consoles. So, then the player will have to open the chat window, then he will have to type “/gamerul keepinventory true” in the chatbox. Then click on enters. once this is done then if the player dies, he would still have his inventory safe with all the tools in it. The player can Respawn the game and start again. 

Minecraft is a game filled with opportunities to hone the skills of the player creatively. To build various structures, to survive, etc. But it is important that the player does not die easily or too fast. In such circumstances, cheat codes come in handy to preserves one’s efforts from the previous game. 

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