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Kick Off 2021 By Betting On Top Esports To Win LPL Spring 2021

League of Legends (LPL) is still arguably the biggest Esports game in the world, with an active player base of over 250 million players around the world, one of the most heavily watched categories in the Twitch library and perhaps the biggest competition to have ever emerged from the competitive community, with the 2020 edition of the Worlds reaching a peak viewership of 3.8 million viewers.

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is also amongst the most premier tournaments in the game’s competitive calendar, established as the biggest top-level tournament in the China region, arguably the most stacked in terms of successful teams on show.

The tournament is split into the East and West regions and features 17 teams competing, with the top three placed sides automatically winning a place at that year’s Worlds. The LPL Spring 2021 competition will be kicking off in the new year, and choosing who to back with your wagers is a tough decision to make with so many top teams to choose from.

Not to worry though, we’re on hand to dish out some invaluable insights on the scene and give you the best chance of making some winnings as the action unfolds! Here’s exactly why you need to be backing Top Esports for glory at the LPL Spring 2021 edition.

Back The Favourites

It’s perhaps a little bit boring, but one look at the latest LoL odds for the tournament should tell you exactly where your money should be going pre-tournament. With odds of 2.50, Top Esports is far and away from the favorites in the outright win betting markets, with FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming the next nearest sides at 5.00 according to Esports experts Unikrn.com.

Established sides like Suning Gaming (11.00), VICI Gaming (26.00) Royal Never Give Up (34.00) have all had deep runs at both LPL and Worlds in the past few years, but their outside odds here go to show just how confident the experts are about Top Esports’ chances.

For those who love an outsider, you can back OMG, eStar, and TT Gaming at 201.00, 251.00, and 501.00 respectively.

Why Top Esports?

Here are three reasons why Top Esports have been given their favorite status by Unikrn:

  • “Top Esports just came off the back of a dominating Demacia Cup bracket run.
  • In the Demacia Cup, Top Esports came up against three of the best teams in the LPL and made it look easy. The former LPL champions only lost one game on the entire bracket stage.
  • Out of all the teams in the bracket stage, Top Esports had the best mid-to-late game rating. The LPL Powerhouse was able to secure Baron 100% of the time.”

Taken from Unikrn.com

At the 2020 World Championships, Top Esports came 3rd-4th and netted themselves a cool $200,250. It was a finish most teams in the world would be proud of, but their surprising loss to Suning in the semi-finals was undoubtedly one of the shocks of the tournament, and a result that the number one side in China wanted to have on their record.

However, following on from their disappointing end to the 2020 Worlds, Top Esports continued to show exactly why they have been called the world’s best League of Legends side. As Unikrn highlighted, they played three of the best sides they’re coming up against at LPL in China and took them all down without breaking a sweat.

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The mid-to-late game ratios are some of the best indicators of a team’s worth in any Esport, and League of Legends is certainly no exception. Top Esports have become known for their smart calls and impactful plays in this stage of the game, and their 100% Baron haul in the bracket stage should serve as a warning to the sides they come up against at LPL.

Top Esports finished LPL 2020 Spring in second place, before romping to the LPL 2020 Summer title later on in the year, securing the invaluable top seed for the China region ahead of the Worlds event. The form is on their side and their talent on show is undeniable, meaning the only thing they have to overcome from now to the end of the tournament in March is the weight of expectation hanging over.

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