Legal Conferencing for Lawyers

Legal Conferencing for Lawyers
Legal Conferencing for Lawyers

Legal conferencing via video and phone software has greatly improved how layers conduct business and has greatly widened the possibility for virtual connecting. A reliable, fast internet connection is crucial for optimal performance, but your law firm may be wondering where to start. After all, second-rate conferencing services can negatively impact your business and scare off clients.

In addition, the nature of a legal conference requires attention to privacy and durability, as legal conversations can last for hours. This guide will explain how lawyers can use conference calls, and how to set up a secure, dedicated conference number unique to your firm.

What is a Dedicated Line?

If you’re a lawyer that needs to meet with a large group of partners, connect with a client that’s far away or simply needs to pull a conference together, you need a line all your own that is secure, private and reliable. A dedicated line, or leased line, is a fixed-bandwidth connection that links corporate offices to one network.

They are reserved for one user or business, allowing all offices of the business to share resources, transfer data and connect from one shared network. In addition to carrying phone calls, dedicated lines with sufficient bandwidth will allow staff working from all over the world to connect simultaneously.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Lines?

Dedicated phone lines carry many benefits. Privacy and security are important to any business but are absolutely crucial when it comes to legal conferencing. You may not know that certain conference call services share lines and phone numbers with other companies, which may allow “call bombers” to sneak in and interrupt a call. Not only is this a huge liability to you and your clients, but also unprofessional. You’ll also need consistent performance and high speeds.

A dedicated line will provide you with much faster internet speeds than a standard service. You’ll also see less variation in network performance than a public connection, which can fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Lastly, a dedicated line will prove symmetric download and upload speeds, allowing for a large bulk of data to be accessed in real-time.

How To Get Started

Dedicated lines are established by running private cable connections from an exchange to a property. To get started with a dedicated line, definitely do your research. Most services won’t charge a set-up fee. The only cost will come from the time you spend on the line. Once your line is ready to go, you can usually choose between an operator-managed call (when an operator dials all of your attendees individually), a toll-free dial-in conference calls and video conference calls.

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You’ll want to make sure all professional standards of privacy and encryption are always being monitored. Luckily, with a leased line, most calls can be recorded and downloaded. This allows your lawyers or stenographers to transcribe a deposition, for example, in real-time.

Law firms should aim to have minimal glitches and maximum speed and efficiency. This is the best way to serve your clients and stay competitive. So, try out a leased line today!

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