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Make PoE Currency by Selling

Here’s what you need to know about the tricky aspect of selling PoE items.

If you are still new to Path of Exile, then you might be wondering what you need to do to make some additional PoE currency. One way of doing so is by selling items. That said, the method for doing so can be quite tricky. Before you learn how to sell, it would be helpful to know how trading works in general first.

How Does Trading Work in Path of Exile?

The first factor that we need to be made aware of is that you aren’t getting a traditional trading experience. Whilst normally we would be looking at visiting auction houses or places of a similar ilk, in Path of Exile you have to use more manual efforts to make it work. This is done by dragging items through a simple-to-use interface, then directly interacting with another player via chat. That said, if you are looking to put your items upon PoE Trade, then that’s another technique you need to consider.

Using PoE Trade

If you want to find a place that you can use your PoE orbs for the items that you need, then PoE Trade is the place to go. This serves as a place where you can not only buy items but sell them too. If you do wish to buy, then you can use this resource to find it, then click on the seller’s name before using the ‘Whisper’ option. Once that is over with, you will then see lines of text pasted into the chat window automatically. Now that the player is aware that you wish to buy an item, you can then begin a dialogue between the two of you.

But How Do I Sell Items in PoE?

Well, selling items is actually a bit harder than you’d think when comparing it to buying. If you were to start selling, you’re going to need to pay real money to get the maximum effect. If you want players spending their Exalted Orbs and such, then we will have to make a sacrifice in order to get a premium stash tab.  This will help your items get listed for sale so that others can find them.

In order to find your stash, you will need to look in the chest which is in both the main hub and your hideout. Under normal circumstances, here you would just find normal tabs that are pretty basic. But if you are willing to invest in a premium stash tab, it can open up a whole other load of opportunities for you. You will be able to organize them with color-coding, rename them, and have them set to public so other players can find your items. With this method, items go into an index and players will find them when they are searched for.

Setting Prices

So, we now know how to sell items and that we are going to need a bit of investment for it. Before we do set our prices, you firstly want to make it public, so use the settings to do so. By right-clicking on them, you can also get a special layout using different colors as well. This will also give you a way to sell your items. This is where setting your price comes in.

These options include either setting all items to one price or pricing them individually. The problem with the first option is that the prices of items tend to go up and down all the time, so if you set everything to one price then you aren’t as likely it. That said, by pricing your items fairly and individually, you are far more likely to see your items selling.

If you’re ready to, you can now start to set your prices. To do this, go over to your premium tab. Then right-click and choose your pricing. You need to be aware of how much players are typically paying for your items, so make sure to do your research beforehand. This way, you are far more likely to attract sellers than you would by overpricing them for the likes of crafting items and such.

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You’re now ready to sell your items in Path of Exile. Once you’ve invested in a premium stash tab, simply set your prices and wait for the PoE currency to roll in.

Have you tried selling in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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