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Novels To Boost Your Mental Health

Mental health, characterized by the World Health Organization, is”a condition of well-being where the individual understands his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and also may contribute to her or his community.”

Mental health forms a substantial portion of our general well-being and encompasses psychological health, emotional well-being, and social consciousness.

If you require an emotional and mental boost, these are the best selling books that will offer you some ways to deal with life’s good and bad moments.

Get Out of Your Own Way By “Mark Goulston and Philip Goldberg”

This publication might have been printed in 1996, but it is still a remarkably enlightening and worthwhile read. Through anecdotes and information from Mark Goulston, a psychologist, you are going to learn how to halt the self-sabotaging behavior, so many people fall victim to.

Furiously Happy By “Jenny Lawson”

Journalist Jenny Lawson’s biography about her lifelong journey with depression and different mental health issues is equal parts humorous and endearing. Furiously Happy investigates the nuanced, often contradictory world of psychological health, looking at how people can flourish and find joy regardless of mood disorders such as depression.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone By “Lori Gottlieb”

Ever wondered what your therapist is thinking through your appointments? If the answer is yes, then buy this book as soon as possible. Lori Gottlieb investigates the area of treatment from an exceptional perspective–she writes about her function as both patient and therapist. You’ll end up gripped from the narratives she informs –some horrible, some humorous –and also in awe of the book’s astounding conclusion: We are all flawed and human.

We Make the Beast Beautiful By “Sarah Wilson”

Approximately 40 million people in America have anxiety or an anxiety-related disease, such as panic disorder or social anxiety disorder. Learning about the clinical signs of anxiety is one thing–studying Sarah Wilson’s fascinating firsthand accounts is just another. The former editor of Australia’s Cosmopolitan magazine writes a hauntingly compelling story about her lifelong struggle with engaging, relatable, and insightful anxiety.

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Reasons to Stay Alive By “Matt Haig”

Many individuals with anxiety also experience depression, and lots of people with depression also experience anxiety. Studies have found 45 percent of individuals with one mental health disorder meet the criteria for two disorders. U.K.-based author Matt Haig is a part of the 45%. His critically acclaimed, profoundly moving memoir explores how he handled both circumstances, taking a close look at what worked and what did not.

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