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All About Ofilmywap: Download, Category of Contents, Quality Options, Distinguishing Features

Ofilmywap is one of the highly trending sites at present in the segment of the pirated movie website segment. The site can be a one-stop destination for obtaining 123 MKv for free. Not just the Bollywood or Hindi movies, the site can be an all-inclusive platform for free download of Tamil, Telugu, and other regional movies as well.

Those in search of dubbed movies of the finest quality can find this site absolutely accomplishing. Most importantly, the site ensures that the visitors or those downloading manage to have the final product in the most optimal quality. But, this is, after all, a piracy site that is considered illegal.

Inception, updates, and other aspects of Ofilmywap.run:

It’s a misconception among many that obtaining key details about the piracy sites is a tough task. Ofilmywap or Ofilmywap.run proves prejudices of such absolutely wrong. The site was registered 267 days past. To be specific, the site was registered on 28th January 2020. It means the site is not even 300 days old. The level of popularity or success that the site has managed to gain in such a quick span of time is simply unbelievable.

It’s the incredible quality of movies or the range of qualities offered for the contents, and the massive range of contents offered here that makes the platform so much popular. Starting from Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, to all other languages, the site can be accomplishing for movie watchers of all language.

Those who think running a piracy site is a one-time affair can get wrong with Ofilmywap or Ofilmywap.run. It was updated only 262 days on Sunday, i.e. on 2nd February 2020. It means that the site was updated only a few days after its launch. With new movies consistently hitting the platform, it is expected to remain mostly consistent.

Those inquiring about the nameservers of Ofilmywap.run should understand that the DNS of it offered by nameservers amber.ns.cloudflare.com and vick.ns.cloudflare.com. The domain called Ofilmywap.run has been registered through NameCheap, Inc. It is possible for anyone to pay a visit to the site of the registrar upon visiting the site namesheap.com. In fact, the WHOIS server of the registrar can be also be known.

Technical details about the site Ofilmywap.run:

The popularity of Ofilmywap.run is evident through the massive boost in ranking that it has managed to gain in such a short period of time. At present, the site’s global ranking is 7,375,955 on Alexa. As far as the IP address of Ofilmywap.run is concerned, it belongs to three IPv4 addresses, as well as the same number of IPV6 addresses that are given below.





Now it’s quite obvious for anyone to be curious about knowing the nation that the server of Ofilmywap.run is located at. The simple and the most straightforward answer is the United States. Looking at the massive and envious success that this site has managed to obtain in such a short span of time, many people want to know about the webserver software that is used by Ofilmywap.run.

Well, the answer for all such queries is that the site is established under the aegis of the “Cloudflare” webserver. The site currently is one of the most buzzed names among the piracy movie watchers in terms of enjoying Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and other regional movies, including the dubbed movies of full length in high definition Mp4 format.

Measuring popularity of the site:

The popularity of the Ofilmywap can be easily understood through the number of monthly visitors that the site witnesses. It is here to note in this context is that the site witnessed around 1800 visitors every month. On the basis of Alexa, the piracy movie site garners close to 190 traffics on a regular basis.

In such a short span of time after being established the incredible level of visitors that the site has managed to garner makes it such significant. The most distinguishing part here is to note that the current domain authority of the site is 3 out of 10, which is phenomenal for such a new site. Moreover, such domain authority is incredible for a piracy site to be specific in so nominal time. As far as the Moz ranking of the site is concerned, it is 1.3 out of ten at present, which is equally promising.

After creating so much buzz in the piracy movie arena, it is quite obvious for the curiosity level to rife. Putting curtains of all such confusions, it is here to note that the site earns simply through the advertisement revenues or through the advertisements appearing over the site.

The site gets its percentage when someone puts a click on the site. Those who have already visited the site must have already known that it’s quite tough or close to impossible as far as ignoring the advertisements is concerned without taking the cursor on it.

Using the site and making most of it:

The site Ofilmywap has managed to grab eyeballs upon managing to leak many popular movies over its platform, ranging from Hindi Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, regional movies, to the whole range of foreign-language movies. The site allows enjoying the collections of it through streaming or upon downloading. The movies can be streamed or downloaded on any device, be it a smartphone or a laptop.

The best part is that the process of downloading is quite a simple thing to do on this website. Someone without any technical knowledge can also manage to download easily through this site. All that you need is to put click on the download option. Interestingly, the site can download contents in a much quicker time as compared to all other sites of its kind.

Some people claim that being relatively new is the reason that the site manages to deliver such higher efficiency of download. Whatsoever, but it’s true in the end that the site is garnering incredible traffic all around the globe.

Ofilmywap 2020

Safety assurance:

Safety is one of the foremost reasons most people fear downloading through piracy sites. There remains a constant threat of becoming a victim of bugs or viruses in this way. However, the interesting part about Ofilmywap is that the site has turned the same into its biggest strength.

The site has already gathered a good reputation among loyal visitors of it as a site assuring greater safety from viruses or bugs. Having comparatively a much simpler process to download or to view the contents, it becomes one of the most enchanting platforms to enjoy contents for free, and without involving any kind of risk for the concerned device.

Quality and category of contents:

The site offers a huge range of categories for its users. As explained above, one can find options for all types of content, ranging from Bollywood Hindi movies, Regional contents ranging from Tamil, Telugu, to others, and the contents in foreign languages. In fact, one can explore Pakistani and Punjabi movies as well.

Those who want to enjoy movies of other languages may explore the dubbed movie segments as well. Not just the movies, the platform is reportedly going to leak a huge range of leaked contents in the segment of web series, TV shows, and other OTT contents as well.

The site offers content in a variety of quality options. Starting from Full HD movies, MP4 movies, to MKV movies, it offers all over its platform. Similarly, one may watch choose between the options of 360 pixels, 720p, or 1080 p as well. It is here to note that all these options are offered absolutely for free to be downloaded and watched.

Offering a whole range of such options, the site ensures that if someone has no issues with watching piracy content, then this one can be the one-stop option for him/her.

What makes it unique?      

There are many aspects that distinguish the piracy content platform Ofilmywap from the others. First of all, it is one of its kind sites for piracy content watchers that offer movies or content on request or on-demand. One doesn’t need to pay a single price even for these requested movies. Similarly, it evolves as a unique platform that offers pirated WWE shows for free as well.

Those who want to enjoy animation content of piracy kind can also find it an incredible platform. Very few piracy platforms offer content in Gujurati, Bhojpuri, or Marathi. Ofilmywap emerges uniquely on this aspect upon offering these all for free in a variety of quality options. On a whole, the site offers around 18 types of content over its platforms as given below.

  • Indian TV contents
  • Pakistani movies and TV contents
  • Official and unofficial movies and shows of Hollywood
  • Bollywood movies of full length and best quality

Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional dubbed movies

  • Hollywood movies of full length in English
  • Hollywood non-English movies
  • Marvel whole range of dubbed movies in Hindi
  • Bengali full-length movies of the best quality
  • South Indian movies that are dubbed in Hindi
  • Telugu full-length movies
  • Tamil full-length movies
  • Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi
  • Punjabi full-length movies
  • Full-length Marathi movies
  • Latest released Gujarati movies of full length
  • Full-length movies in Bhojpuri
  • WWE shows
  • Movies on request
  • TV shows of all languages

Ofilmywap online

Other than offering such an extensive range of contents, the simplicity of the design of the site keeps it unique. The design of the site is so simple that anyone even without little technical knowledge can get well versed with the same. Not just about clicking, the site is quite incredible in terms of finding the desired movies and shows in the quickest possible time. Similar is the case of downloading as well. One can download contents in the nominal possible time and at great ease.

Starting from 360, 720, to 1080p, the site offers content in different quality options.

How to download contents from Ofilmywap:

With the growing popularity of the site, especially among those having no issues with watching piracy content, the level of curiosity towards downloading content has also significantly grown. To calm the curiosity level of these people, mentioned below are the steps through which one can download the contents.

It is here to note that the methods explained below are appropriate for downloading the contents on all types of devices, be it smartphones or large-sized display devices.


  • The first thing that one needs to do for downloading the contents ( be it movies, TV shows, or web series ) is to visit the site of Ofilmywap. It is suggested in this context to search the name “Ofimlywap” over the search engine to find it quickly. Though the site is equally efficient overall, Chome is considered the best pick among all.
  • After reaching the site, the next thing that one has to do is about selecting the specific category, in which one is interested in watching content. Be it about Hindi movies, regional movies, TV shows in Hindi, English (or other foreign languages), or regional TV shows, one can pick the suitable category as desired.
  • Interestingly, there is also the option available for those who don’t find it inconvenient to find his/her favorite content as per the desired category. On such occasions, one may simply type the name of the movie or TV show over the search bar. The site provides the most appropriate result in the most customized and quickest fashion.
  • After the site offers content (be it movies, TV shows, or web series) post being searched through the search bar, all that the user needs is to put a tap on it.
  • The next step is to download the content as per his/her preference of quality. Though anyone would love watching on higher quality, people sometimes opt for lower quality due to size constraints. There are quality options of 360p, 720p, and 1080p available over there.
  • Now, one has to put a tap on the download server.

Post completion of the above steps, the process of download gets started spontaneously.

The site has brought many popular movies like Darbar, Premika, Gold Fish, etc, in the Tamil category. Starting from Kabir Singh to Baahubali, it has all superhit Bollywood and Hollywood movies over its platform.

Ofilmywap movies


Piracy is an act of crime and is an offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page is for just information purpose, and we never encourage or opt to use such sites.

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