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Top 5 Ways To Foster Flourishing Teams That Last

In the current environment, it is difficult to develop flourishing teams that are efficient and productive. On top of the existing challenges, nowadays remote work has become more commonplace, and 57 percent expect to continue offering remote work in the long term due to its lower costs.

As you can imagine, fostering strong hybrid teams comprising of office workers and remote workers is all the more challenging. It requires a more holistic approach that prioritizes the well-being of employees and can proactively handle productivity issues.

If you want to know exactly how to accomplish that, here are the top 5 ways to foster flourishing teams in the long term:

1. Encourage a healthy work-life balance

The idea that remote workers ‘slack off’ more is a myth. Many are forced into an ‘always-on’ ethos that sees them working longer hours, juggling more meetings, and communicating more frequently via email. In fact, it is estimated that remote workers increased their workday by 3 hours on average during the pandemic.

To solve this problem you need to encourage employees to adopt a healthy work-life balance. Using WorkExaminer you can track the hours that employees work as well as their activities to identify anyone who may be working too long and have unhealthy work habits.

2. Value the time of employees

Remote workers are often stretched beyond capacity, and the only way to remedy that is for you to value the work time of your employees more. A good starting point is by using WorkExaminer to gather data about the behavior and productivity of employees.

Based on WorkExaminer’s reports, you can make improvements to work processes, communication practices, scheduling, and so on. The goal should be to prioritize the value of your employee’s time and avoid imposing on it unnecessarily.

3. Set clear targets based on tangible results

Although employee monitoring can track many different metrics, it is best to establish clear targets for your employees that are based on actual tangible results. That will give them a firm idea of what is expected of them, and allow them more freedom and flexibility in completing their tasks.

The data from WorkExaminer regarding employee activity can play a supporting role. It can identify productivity issues so that you can help to support employees by making data-driven suggestions on how they can improve.

4. Encourage employees to take a break

Taking a break can benefit employees and reduce the risk of burnout. Ideally, you should encourage your employees to take breaks in between their work, and also make full use of their vacation days.

The Workexaminer employee monitoring system can show you when employees are working long hours without any break, or using their vacation days. If they aren’t, you can talk to them about it and personally encourage them to take time off.

5. Recognize excellent employees

Giving excellent employees the recognition they deserve is crucial if you want to foster a healthy and flourishing team. Based on the data from WorkExaminer you can easily find out which employees are most productive and give them either private or public recognition.

Additionally, you may also want to give them other rewards, including bonuses, paid time off, and so on.

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Starting to see how you can foster a flourishing team that has a healthy work culture and is both efficient as well as productive? As long as you are proactive and adopt this approach you should be able to see the results in no time as your team will quickly respond to the more positive attitude.

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