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Top 6 Reasons to Migrate to Office 365

If you are a decision-maker for a small business, an SME, or a larger corporation, explore the benefits of migrating to Office 365. Learn how O365 can facilitate your business to success by increasing the productivity of your team through its suite of powerful, efficient, and collaborative tools.

It is a great Discount 

Activities or processes concerned with crunching numbers Excel, Creation of Professional documentation with Word, and attractive presentations with PowerPoint, along with email services and cloud storage pricing only at $5 per month per user. Now that is a great discount! You can never have such a great opportunity to use business-class office productivity tools at such affordable and low price-points.

For the Savings it gives

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based model. There is no need for direct investment to buy costly software licenses. Hence, your money gets saved, and your capital stays intact to invest in other paths of growth.

Office 365 is a lot more than PowerPoint, Word, and Excel

There is a very false perception that O365 is a fancy new name for Microsoft Office with PowerPoint Word and Excel. It is a lot more than that! To get started, it comes with Access, Outlook, and Publisher. It also involves services like OneDrive for Business secure shared storage, hosted Exchange for emails, SharePoint for managing content and collaboration, Teams for allowing your squad to unite quickly on a conclusion in chat channels. For users of enterprise, there is also the option for video streaming, Yammer for a company-wide social platform, and for Advanced Analytics a tool known as PowerBI.

Based on your requirements and methods of use, O365 consists of all the tools and apps required to enable your team’s efficiency.

For total convenience 

What does it take for a business like yours to sustain and manage efficient business processes? A collection of tools that just work according to your preferences. These are a few major things that you might need:

  1. Business-level E-mail service.
  2. Protected storage for sensitive data and files in the Cloud.
  3. Calendars for managing schedule.
  4. Software for Tasks management.
  5. Tools for Office productivity.

Great news! You do not have to approach all those different providers to avail those services. Microsoft Office 365 is a well-integrated platform that offers all the above services and software at an individual price point. Your IT professionals do not have to deal with various providers and your Finance staff does not have to handle a lot of invoices. Services and software provided by Microsoft under O365 are the best in business and have been the tactfully standard for office efficiency for more than 3 decades now. It is just very handy to get Office 365!

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Wherever you go, it follows you 

Office 365 is available on mobile. On vacation or a tour and have to quickly respond to a customer complaint? Simple, just use Office applications from any browser. All your documents are securely shared and available for use and access anywhere, anytime, on any-device on OneDrive.

Boost your Profits 

O365 offers tools and features to drastically increase the productivity of your team. It is now likely to co-author Word Documents or modifies Excel spreadsheets together. Think about the boost this can provide to your business when your team is constantly reaching an agreement in a quicker way. It impactfully decreases turnaround time in all your customer interactions, resulting in a much better conversion of leads and guaranteed satisfaction from customers. Your investment in Office 365 soon will start showing up as an improved result in terms of reducing expenses and increasing profits!

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