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Watchasian is a free online Asian movie, drama, TV shows and web-series streaming website. This website provides a free release of Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Chinese movies and dramas with English subtitles. The audience and viewers of Asian dramas are increasing day by day regardless of their age and community. The high-quality and addictive plotlines of Asian drama have crossed the cultural and linguistical barrier all across the world. Hence free platforms like the Watchasian website have brought over the best medium for you to feed your Asian drama addiction.

How does Watchasian work?

The original title of watchasian website is “Watchasian – Asian Drama, Movies and Shows EngSub With HD.” You can browse the website through its official domain “”. When it comes to Asian movies, dramas; Watchasian is the most reliable free website that you can browse with any device with an internet connection such as compute PCs, tabs, mobile phones or laptops, etc., wherever and whenever.

Watchasian avails all the popular and best Asian dramas from old to new. You can also find the upcoming movies and TV show release dates are scheduled on the calendar of the website. With a large number of genres and subgenres, you can find your favorite drama easily on Watchasian. Just type up the movie or TV series’ name on the search bar, and voila!

There is the drama you are looking for in the search result. There is also an option for you to watch the drama of your favorite artist in the popular star category. The most attractive feature of Watchasian is its on-page download facility. No matter where you are from, if you understand English, you sure can enjoy watching the dramas with the English subtitle on.

How to stream the videos?

Watchasian can be streamed through any electronic streaming device, but it would also need an internet connection. Type out the domain of the official website link in any internet browser and click enter. Once the website is on, you can see a wide range of suggested dramas, movies, and Korean shows on the website’s home interface.

You can click on any show that you want to watch, and it would open up to an inner page where you can stream the video. Now you are able to change the video quality and the episodes. You can find the download option on the video-play. You can choose to direct download the video, or you can change the server of the video to watch it on another site. There would be episodes with English subtitles that you can prefer.

Other redirecting websites of Watchasian

watchasian asian drama
watchasian asian drama

What are the advantages of using Watchasian?

Watching the unique and unexpected but predictable and exciting storyline of Asian drama not only a great way to relieve day-long stress, but it can also educate you on many things. Watching movies and TV shows is the most interesting and enjoyable way than textbooks. Watching entertainment shows can also make you emotionally brilliant and intelligent too. Now let’s get to know the advantages of watching Asian dramas on Watchasian below.

  • Interface

Watchasian has a simple yet advanced interface, which is easy enough to navigate because of the appropriate website designing.

  • Header

The header of the website has three frames on parallel. The first frame contains the categorization of the movies and dramas in alphabetical order. On the second frame, there is the logo of a website that writes ‘Dramacool’ with a quirky design and its slogan ‘cool site for dramas.’ The search bar of the site is also present in this second frame. The third frame is then sub-divided to form the menu bars.

  • Body

On the upper part of the body, there is a continuous play of newly released drama posters on the homepage. Bellow that you can find the thumbnails of popular dramas, movies, and Korean shows. On the lower part of the body, you can find a list of popular TV series—the body changes with the click on every other menu.

  • Footer

The footer contains the copyright information of the website.

  • Content Quality

The cinematography and soundtracks of Asian dramas are both visual and auditory feast. The beautiful and handsome star-cast and the simple but fashionable outfits can complement your mood and the scene perfectly. To enjoy all those aspects of the Asian dramas, Watchasian avails the video in HD quality.

By logging in to the website, you can access the many exciting news of the Asian entertainment industry and also can watch the trailer of the new and upcoming shows. You can also give your reviews about the videos. Logging into the website would permit you to bookmark the contents and also know about the announcement about new releases.

  • Categorization

The clear categorization of the website is what makes it more aesthetically pleasing and smooth navigation through every page. The alphabetical categorization of the shows makes it easy to find a particular drama you are looking for. There is always a clear categorization of drama and movie lists on every page.

The website avails Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Thailand, Indian, and also American entertainment programs. On the drama list category, there are three sub-categories of upcoming, ongoing, completed dramas. On the request section, you can find two sub-categorization, i.e., requested list and request drama.

How to safely browse Watchasian?

Unlike other websites, the Watchasian website is very user-friendly. It does not show any annoying ads, slow streaming, or download problems. You also would not have to use other unsafe mediums to download the videos with the URL-copying. Watchasian website is less likely to compromise the security of your data and information. However, you should always use VPN to secure your IP address so that no cybercriminals or government officials can track your location or other browsing data.

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What genres are there in Watchasian?

If you can’t remember the title of a movie but remember the genre, Watchasian is definitely the perfect website for you to find your desired drama or movie. Because watchasian have a wide array of genre categorization. Some of the popular ones are:

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Alien
  4. Adult
  5. Ancient
  6. Biography
  7. BL
  8. Concert
  9. Cooking
  10. Crime
  11. Corrupt
  12. Cyberpunk
  13. Comic
  14. Documentary
  15. Education
  16. Erotica
  17. Horror
  18. Historical
  19. Indie
  20. Idol Drama
  21. Indie
  22. Investigation
  23. Lesbian
  24. Love
  25. Manga
  26. Medical
  27. Military
  28. Musical
  29. Mystery
  30. Myth
  31. North Korean
  32. Political
  33. Psychological
  34. Reality-TV
  35. Romance
  36. Rural
  37. Sci-fi
  38. Sports
  39. sitcom
  40. Supernatural
  41. Terrorist
  42. Thriller
  43. Tragedy
  44. Teen
  45. Vampire
  46. Werewolf
  47. Witch
  48. Youth
  49. Zombie

Best Alternative of Watchasian

watchasian drama series
watchasian drama series


  1. Does Watchasian have an app?

No, Watchasian does not have any external official or unofficial application that you could independently use outside of an internet browser.

  1. Can I watch videos on Watchasian with English subtitles?

Yes, you can watch movies and dramas with English subtitles. Choose any drama or movie with indicated availability on English subtitles to enjoy your favorite show.

  1. Can I stream videos on Watchasian online for free?

Yes, you can stream the videos on Watchasian online for free. You can connect to any Wi-Fi server and watch it completely for free.

  1. Do I have to pay for watching movies on

No, you do not have to pay to watch any content on Watchasian. It’s an entirely free website. The only thing you would have to pay for is the internet data that you could easily skip over by browsing the website over a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Can I watch the movies and dramas without signing up on Watchasian?

Yes, you can enjoy streaming the movies and dramas without signing up with Watchasian. But you can sign up with the website to get exclusive content regarding upcoming programs, Asian entertainment news and to bookmark the content in your account.

  1. Can the downloaded video file run on my mobile?

Yes, the downloaded content can be run through any streaming device, including your cellphone.

  1. Where can I watch Asian dramas and web-series other than Netflix for free?

There are many free streaming websites you can browse to watch Asian dramas. Check out Watchasian, a trusted and reliable free streaming website, to get high-quality content for free. You can also download the video contents on-page.

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  1. What is the best website to watch Asian dramas with English subtitles?

Choose Watchasian to watch your favorite Asian drama with English subtitles on for free.

  1. How to download the videos from Watchasian?

You can directly download the video contents from the website by clicking on the download menu on the video-play. It would take you to another page to confirm that you are human, then your video can be downloaded.

  1. How do I make a Watchasian account?

If you have an email Id, you can easily make an account in Watchasian by signing up manually. Or you can browse the website by logging into your google account.

The free streaming websites like are really helpful when it comes to providing foreign language entertainment programs with English subtitles and download facilities. It is very much appreciated by the viewers to enjoy movies, TV shows, and music programs in other countries.

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