WHAT DO BEETS TASTE LIKE?, Beet which is also known as beetroot is a taproot vegetable that had been found in North American. the vegetable belongs to a crop called Beta vulgaris which is also known as the Sea Beet.

It is used as a vegetable, food colour, and even as a medicine for some diseases. Apart from the red colour, there are many different colours of beets such as white, yellow and golden. The beet can be used as a food colour to use as a pink dye for food.

To state a fact, the vegetable has been misunderstood by many due to the myths that have spread around. As we all know “do not judge a book by its cover”, people need to start adding this vegetable into their daily staple diet. There is a stereotype that goes around that “Beet tastes like dirt”, but it is not true as it tastes sweet sometimes way too sweeter than usual.

The reason why it is believed to taste like dirt is that people believe in a myth that when the beetroot is pulled out of the ground, the dirt that is on the beetroot, washes the dirt into the vegetable.

Beet is widely known for its earthy rich taste, but there are lovers and haters to this taste as well, some might even consider it so bad that they would never think of even putting it into their mouth. All of this was just because of a false rumour spread about the vegetable.

The reason for the earthy taste is explained by Irwin Goldman, who states that there is an organic compound named “Geosmin”. This organic compound is found in other leafy vegetables and mushrooms.


This is the only Vegetable that can be eaten without boiling, or cooking, roasting, etc. as they are sweet to taste. The Beet is not the only thing that is edible of this plant, the leaves, and the stems can also be consumed as it is filled with nutrients.

The roots, leaves, and stems can be boiled, steamed, cooked, etc. The young leaves of the raw beet are usually eaten bland in a salad. it consists of a rich Earthy smell and taste.

If a person didn’t like to eat the beetroot as a raw vegetable, then they can flavour it with spices according to their tastes. The fresh beets can be determined through their firm and not spongy texture, if the beet has become spongy and soft like a tomato then it has probably gone bad. The processed canned beetroots are never sweet, and very low in nutrition.


Beet helps to lower blood pressure as it contains nitrates to reduce it. It has Vitamin C in it, which works as an anti-oxidant. Beet juice is known to regenerate the blood cells or the damaged cells in the body.

The reason why people still consume beets is because it helps to boost immunity and can-do wonders with regards to the metabolism of one’s body. Beetroots contains variety of nutrition’s in them, such as fibres, folates and other nutrients. It is also gluten free. Eating beet can improve one’s eye site as it contains Vitamin A and is also useful for one to reduce weight.

The best way that the vegetable would help is by reducing the chances of getting cancer or any other inflammatory diseases. The vegetable has been used in a variety of ways across time and place.

The real question of how it tastes can only be answered by how it is cooked or consumed by the person. If the person knows the right ways to spice it up in their accorded tastes and made with love and creativity, can it be savoured with happiness!


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