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What is iOS Emulator? Know Full Details

iOS is a mobile operating system created by Apple for the devices. It is an operating system used by Apple. It is very widely used after Android. It was first released on 29th June 2007, that is, 14 years ago. The latest updated version was released recently on July 26th, 2021. And it is available in 40 different languages. iPhone emulators are programs that duplicate the emulators hardware of an iPhone so that it can operate the iOS in any other operating device. An emulator is hardware that works on a computer system. Emulation means the quality or ability of a computer program in a device to replicate. 


  1. The very first and obvious advantage would be that it will let you run iOS apps on your PC or Mac. 
  2. Through this, you can replicate or duplicate the iPhone’s set up on your PC or MAC without having to buy the software or hardware. 
  3. There is an option to use or play any apps and games from the iPhone or even run a test on your iPhone apps through this emulator. 
  4. An emulator gives an individual the exact idea as to how the apps would work on an iPhone and that would save up a lot of time for the user when it comes to testing the apps. 


  1. The emulators are not always safe or perfect as a user might face a lot of bug fixes and crashes from the site while using it. It usually happens because the apps or games are not particularly made to work on a PC or a MAC. 
  2. For an iPhone, another major problem would be that the interface of the emulator might be old. 
  3. Most of the emulators would seem like they have not been developed or updated from the time they have been made, that is sometimes appealing and sometimes annoying. 
  4. Sometimes one might not be able to download every app that they want to use from the app store. This is usually because there is a compatibility issue relate to the development of the app cycle. 


So let us tell you how to install an iOS emulator on your device. Go to your app store and type “XCode”. And the first app that shows up is the one. It is a free app, so you can just install it on your device. It is 2.1 gigabytes, so it takes a while to download. So once the “XCode” has been downloaded, open the app.

When you open it, you should get a screen, where there are 2 options that each read as: “create a new XCode project” and “Check out an existing project”. Once you get that, click on the “Create a new XCode project”. When you have done this there would be another screen that will show you tabs such as iOS, applications, framework, and library, etc. then you click on “next”. Give your product a name, then you are going to have to give a company identifier, once this task is completed then click on “create”.

A folder would show up on your desktop. Go into the folder, then you will have to go to the product option in the tools bar and click on “run”. After this, you are going to have to do the iOS emulator launch. Do a two-finger click on the iOS doc and then go to “options” and then click on “keep in run”. After this, if you wish, you can delete the folder that had come up. You can also get rid of the “XCode” as it is not needed anymore. Once you have done this then you can use the iOS emulator, it is recommended to be used in iPad mode and it gives much better access. 

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