Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat

Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat

Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat? Born on November 4, 1971, in SacramentoCalifornia, Gregory Porter was brought up in Bakersfield, California. He is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and actor. Twice, in 2014 then later in 2017, for ‘Liquid Spirit’ and for ‘Take Me to the Alley’ respectively, he was honoured with the Grammy for launching the ‘Best Jazz Vocal Album’. Now in this article, we are going to reveal why does Gregory Porter wear a hat?

Porter’s Personal Life

Porter’s mother Ruth was a minister in Bakersfield and has seven children. His mother guided and moulded his early life, always encouraging him to sing, initially in church and then later as a passion. When was 21, his mother died as a cancer patient, her last words were to motivate porter to sing. Although his father, Rufus, used to mostly remain absent from his son’s life incidences. Currently, Porter is residing in Bakersfield, California with his wife Victoria and his son, Demyan. He finished his graduation from Highland High School. Later he got an athletic scholarship in football to San Diego State University, but due to a shoulder injury, while he was in his junior year, he had to leave his passion for football. It was then, he first stepped towards his singing career. it was a real mystery at that time why does Gregory Porter wear a hat.

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Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat?

In 2004, Porter took a job at Lloyd’s restaurant Bread-Stuy in Brooklyn as a chef, also performing at the same time in the neighbourhoods around like Sista’s Place and Solomon’s Porch. After that, he shifted to Harlem club, and there he remained for a weekly residency. It was here, he created his touring band.  

Porter in collaboration with ‘Membran Entertainment Group’, released two albums that are ‘Water’ and ‘Be Good’, in 2010 and in 2012 each. After that he shook hands with ‘Blue Note Records’ on May, 2013. His third album, ‘Liquid Spirit’ came up. Its producer was Brian Bacchus. The album made Porter claim his first 2014 Grammy Award. ‘Liquid Spirit’ grabbed its position in top 10 on the UK album charts as over 100,000 units were bought by the consumers in the country. This marks just the start of this singer’s glory. 

After this he gave out several albums. A few were nominated for different Grammy awards. His career got another push ahead in 2017 with another Grammy award for the album ‘Take Me to the Alley’. He was also a part of the original Broadway cast of ‘It Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues’. 

Revealed: Why does Gregory Porter wear a hat?

For all public occasions, Porter is always seen wearing a hat. The hat is a flat cap with its strap in such a way that it keeps his ears and chin hidden. The hat is from Kangol Summer Spitfire. 

He has revealed little excerpts from the mystery behind his cap at different gatherings. In 2012, he told the interviewer from ‘Jazzweekly’ when asked about the cap, that how he had gone through some skin surgery when he was little, so he had to adopt the hat look and will keep this look further too with consistency. People now recognise the cap look as Porter’s signature style.

Similarly, in 2016, he told to ‘The Daily Telegraph’ that he had some scars on his skin when he was as little as seven or eight years of age. That was when he decided to wear the hat and later started liking it. He even named his hat as the ‘jazz hat’. 

To ‘BBC’, he said that he wishes to earn love and fame for his heart and the sound more rather than his hat.  

While talking with ‘The Independent’, he remembered a past incident and told that while at airports, he is known for his hats. There have been instances when he has to sing to prove to people that it’s really him. Obviously, when a uniformed person asks anything, you have to do that. 

He also informed once that he himself buy all the hats he has and told his fans that it doesn’t get itchy or hot. I hope you have now understood why does Gregory Porter wear a hat.

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